When a group of friends came together to perform a one off set, little did they know that a few years later they would go on to become a Drum & Bass Supergroup (Credit to Mixmag for that tag…) and one of the biggest acts to come out of the underground music scene, taking their blend of hard hitting, uplifting, energetic music alongside the very best UK MC culture has to offer onto main stages and festivals across the world.

SASASAS is something unique that can’t be recreated which comes down to how simple the formula for the group is – still a group of 5 friends up on stage having the time of their lives, bringing an energy that’s difficult to compare to anything else. The group now consists of 5 members with a wealth of experience from travelling the globe and showcasing their music to people week in week out for over 20 years plus. DJ Phantasy & Macky Gee – the 2 DJ/producers in the group responsible for some of the biggest records in D&B over the past 18 months – along with 3 of the best front men in the game – MC’s Skibadee, Shabba D & Harry Shotta.

There are some that are called ‘Legends’ but few have done the groundwork some of these guys in the group have done, which makes their recent success all the more astounding and give the group the credibility they so richly deserve and this is just the start, they have so much more planned with new music, new creative ways to enhance the show itself, proving the group have much more to give.


Stage 2: The Warren


Saturday 27 July 2019


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