For all travel and hotel details please head to the WHERE section of the website. 

The dress code is smart/casual but not scruffy and no tracksuits, jogger wear or manbags. Smart Ath-leisure is fine but no towelling jogger material. Trainers & Shorts are fine as long as they are smart.

We advise to keep an eye on the weather reports on the day and dress accordingly, remembering that the temperature can drop in the evening.

Wonderwood will be operating cashless bar systems and all drinks will need to be purchased by tokens. There will be numerous token booths on site to purchase them, which will be clearly marked and operating throughout the event.

These tokens can only be used to purchase drinks at the specific event and there is a minimum purchase of 5 tokens per order.
Please note: drinks tokens are non refundable and can only be used at the specific event they have been purchased for / at.

There are no cash machines available on site. Contactless & Chip & Pin is available at the token booths.

Wonderwood does not have a cloakroom on site. We advise to keep an eye on the weather reports on the day and dress accordingly, remembering that the temperature can drop at night time.

Disabled customers are welcome at Wonderwood. All arenas are accessible for disabled customers. Please note however that the event is held within a forest and there will be areas of uneven terrain which some wheelchair users may experience some difficulty crossing so please bear this in mind when booking for this event. There will be a number of disabled portaloo’s on site.

Wonderwood Festival does not sell bottles of water with the lids on and all lager and cider bottles are opened before going over the bar. There are two reasons for this. An unopened drinks vessel is heavy and can travel far if thrown and do damage if it hits someone. An unopened vessel if stood on will roll and can lead to injury.

Free drinking water is available from the welfare area should anyone feel dehydrated.

There is a welfare / medical point at all Wonderwood events with trained medics to help. If you or your friends feel at all unwell during the event, please visit the welfare / medic point to seek medical attention.

All Wonderwood events (unless otherwise stated) are 18+ only. All customers must be 18 or over on the day of the event and will need to show valid ID upon entry as well as at the bars (NUS/University cards are not acceptable forms of ID).

Wonderwood operates a Challenge 25 policy and refusal system. If you look under the age of 25 on entry or at the bar, even if the years have been kind and you say you’re 40, you will be asked to provide valid ID to prove that you are over 18 years old. No ID, no entry. Valid forms of ID are Passports, Photo Drivers Licences and PASS approved citizen cards. Sorry – but letters from your Mum are not valid.

This agreement fully releases and indemnifies VW Music Ltd and associated companies from all liability relating to injuries that may occur during Wonderwood Festival. This includes but is not limited to the running hours as well as before and after the event on site. By purchasing this ticket or any ticket associated to Wonderwood Festival you agree to hold VW Music Ltd entirely free from any liability, including financial responsibility for injuries incurred, regardless of whether injuries are caused by negligence or hazard.

You also acknowledge the risks involved in attending an outdoor event such as Wonderwood and a festival of this nature.

Your declaration
I swear that I am participating voluntarily, and that understand the risks of attending a forest festival such as Wonderwood Festival.
By purchasing this ticket, I forfeit all right to bring any claim suit against VW Music Ltd for associated companies for any reason. In return, I will receive my event ticket. I will also make every effort to obey any safety suggestions Wonderwood Staff & Associated Companies may issue via email or socially.
Car Parking is charged at £5 per vehicle on the day – cash only.

Last entry to all Wonderwood Shows (unless otherwise stated) is 5pm.

Everyone is searched on the way in as a condition of entry. This is for customer safety and to ensure no banned items enter the event.

• Illegal substances
• Alcohol
• Liquids of any sorts – including perfumes / liquid makeup products / aerosols / drinks
• Glass of any sorts
• No food
• No flares or fireworks
• Man bags
• Selfie Sticks
• Weapons of any descriptions or replicas

Tickets are available online for all of our events at www.wonderwoodfestival.com On some events physical tickets may also be available to purchase.

If the event sells out in advance, there will be no tickets available to purchase at the entrance. Please purchase your tickets in advance to avoid disappointment.

Only buy your tickets at our official sales channels. This way you will never pay too much and you make sure your tickets are real. All tickets will be scanned and checked for authenticity at the entrance. Wonderwood cannot be held responsible for any fraudulent tickets purchased through third parties or touts which are not an official outlet for Wonderwood.

For any queries regarding your tickets please contact the company from which you have purchased them.

This is different for every event. We advise to like us on Facebook and add your email address to our mailing list to stay up-to-date!

As stated in the ticket terms and conditions, we operate a no refund policy on tickets purchased.

Dependent on availability you may be able to upgrade your ticket. You will need to contact the company from which you purchased your ticket in the first place. The general policy will be that you need to purchase the VIP ticket and then after this has been processed, you will be refunded for the standard ticket.

Wonderwood does not condone the use of drugs at their events. As a condition of entry all customers must undertake a search to ensure that no drugs or any other dangerous items are taken within the venue.

No drugs are safe but if you do take drugs please wait for them to take effect before taking more. Mixing drugs with alcohol can also be extremely dangerous.

Witton Woods is a large-scale open air venue, which occasionally can be easy to lose your friends at. Please follow the following tips to ensure that you are able to meet up with your friends again. We advise you to not make your own way home or leave the venue on your own. Please look out for each other’s welfare at any event.

  1. Before heading to the event, please ensure your phone is fully charged.
  2. Before entering the event, agree a meeting point for you all to meet up at in the eventuality of becoming spilt up from your friends and your phone losing charge or being lost.

If at the end of the event, after following these tips, you still cannot locate your friends and are concerned about getting home, please contact a member of the welfare team who are located on site.

Wonderwood advises all customers to ensure that they keep their belongings such as phones, ID, wallets and purses on their persons at all times.

Wonderwood has a lost property desk in the security office based near the entrance into the event. If you lose something on the night, please go to the desk to report it lost / stolen and if we find it we will do everything possible to get it back to you.

If we don’t reunite you on the night all lost property will be taken with the Wonderwood team. A lost property section with contact form will be live on the day of the event via this website in the menu top right of the page. If you lose something please fill out the form to contact us and we will get back in contact to let you know if it has been handed in or found.

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